MilesP2P ccbonus constantly offers more cash for your American Express Membership Rewards and Citi Thankyou Points since launched in Oct. 2011. Starting from Sept. 2012, we're taking miles, too. In April 2016, Rewards2Cash launched new website to provide higher price. 

To sell your miles/rewards:

(1) Make an order    

         Select the type of rewards you want to redeem, set the amount, and then make an order as your regular online shopping. We don't ask for your Credit Card info because you're getting money, not paying. You should receive an order confirmation by email in minutes. If not then please check SPAM folder and add to email safe-list. It's important since order updates are sent by email.

(2) Transfer points and get money

Option A:
Traditional process

  This option will be used if you don't specifically request anything in comment field when making order. It's easy. 
  1. Besides order confirmation email, we'll send you an email that has instruction(s) to transfer rewards points. Please check your email frequently. Due to the word "Cash" in email address, some email servers mark our email as SPAM. Remember to check SPAM folder, and add to your email safe-list.
  2. You transfer rewards to us and inform us afterwards by sending confirmation page(s).
  3. Upon confirmation of the transfer completion, check be sent quickly (Promised processing time is two business days but usually much sooner. Shipping is usually 4-6 business days).

Option B:
Risk Free


Starting from March 2012, we can send you money through Paypal before you transfer points to us! To use the option, type "Option B" in comment field when making order, and then wait for us to contact you.  To be eligible for this option:

  • You must have Paypal account and agree with that Paypal charges about 3% transfer fee from the payment. You paypal acocunt must be active recently.
  • You must provide instant messaging method. The payment will be made only if both parties are in a session of online instant messaging.
  • Only available for Citi Thankyou Points.
  • Only available to customers inside Unite States.
  • Order total must be greater than $250.


The best redemption for Chase Ultimate Rewards, American Express Membership Rewards, and miles