British Airway (unit of 10000)

British Airway (unit of 10000)
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How to earn British Airway miles

  1. Bonus points when opening Citi or AMEX credit card.  
  2. Flying through Flying through BA airline or oneworld® alliance partners.
  3. Stay at hotels and rent cars through BA network.
  4. Apply for credit card to get bonus. Visit sister website for list of best credit cards with fat bonus (30,000 - 100,000 bonus points/miles). 


  1. Please expect longer handling time for this product. Half payment will be paid within days, and the other half will be paid after points are used (Estimated time varies).. 
  2. Minimum 30,000 points. Maximum 70,000.  We don't take account having more than 70,000 points.
  3. This product doesn't support Option B: get paid before point transfer.
  4. Please notify me if your miles are expiring soon. Rewards2cash only pays for used miles and doesn't pay for miles expired in near future.
  5. The account must not have booking in the history.
  6. The account must not be household account.
  7. Must like us at to enjoy the special price. Please don't hesitate to do so since you can unlike us any time if in case you're not 100% satisfied by our service.