What does Rewards2Cash.com do?

Rewards2Cash.com offers highest cash for your rewards.

What kinds of Rewards does Rewards2Cash.com accept?

Currently we accept American Express Member Rewards, and Chase Ultimate Rewards and many kinds of miles and hotel rewards. Everything are listed at rewards2cash.com homepage.

What are the steps to get cash for my rewards at Rewards2Cash.com

Sell your rewards is easy. It's like online shopping except that you're not spending, but getting cash. After transaction is submitted online, Rewards2Cash.com will contact you to provide step by step guide to transfer rewards. Once the transfer is confirmed, Rewards2Cash.com will mail you check, or if you prefer, deposit cash to your bank account (Cash deposit needs certain criteria to be met).

Is Rewards2Cash.com trustable?

Absolutely. Rewards2Cash.com values our customer and promises to provide best service. We're looking for long-term profits; we're pride of our online reputation, so we will pay cash for every rewards transferred to us. Bottom line is, the issuer of these rewards are huge financial companies who can protect your rewards well -- if Rewards2Cash.com doesn't pay you cash for the rewards you transferred (this is just assumption; it won't happen), you may complain at issuer which means big trouble for Rewards2Cash.com.

Also, website is secured by RapidSSL so your info is encrypted when doing online transactions.

Somtimes scammers use PayPal. Is PayPal payment from you really safe?

The trick of how scammers use PayPal is that they'll send fake email instead of actually make payment. The fake email usually has title and body same as the one you receive upon real payment. The link in the email will redirect to a fishing website. So if people are not careful enough, they think they have received payment. Even worse, if they click the link from email, they have huge risk of exposing PayPal account and password to fishing website. So how do you avoid the risk? How to tell if a PayPal payment is really made?  It's easy. Go to www.paypal.com by typing the address on web browser address bar (NEVER ever click links from email in this circumstance) to check if the payment sits there.

Rewards2Cash.com is an honest business backed up by registered business. You can find our contact information on the foot of homepage. We're making real payment. We're glad to share you the tip of how to protect yourself from scammers and hope the little tip helpful -- it also applies to other scammers like if you receive an email saying that your bank account has unusual activities, DO NOT click links from email, instead, call your bank, or type bank URL in web browser's address bar by yourself!