AMEX Membership Rewards Large Quantity (unit of 1000)

AMEX Membership Rewards Large Quantity (unit of 1000)
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Short description of the process is to apply for an airline account and transfer AMEX MR to miles into it, and then send access info to Rewards2Cash. Payment will be processed once airline account info is verified. To be prepared for rare case when airline company audits account, Rewards2Cash requests photocopy of your ID along with account info. Only redeem points for yourself.

How to earn American Express Membership Rewards

  1. Bonus rewards when opening AMEX credit card account.  Visit sister website for list of best credit cards with fat bonus (30,000 - 100,000 bonus points/miles). There is an ACTIVE OFFER going on now!
  2. Rewards from using certain Credit cards.  The Credit cards include:
    1. Premier Rewards Gold Card from American Express: 3X Points on airfare, 2X Points on gas & groceries, 1 Point for Every Other Dollar You Spend.
    2. American Express Green Card, American Express Gold card: 2X Points on travel bookings, 1 Point for Everything else.
  3. Shop American Express Membership Rewards mall to earn 2x-10x Points at over 300 retailers.  Visit for details.


AMEX has three levels of Membership Rewards:

Membership Rewards First = Platinum and Centurion cards
Membership Rewards = Green and Gold cards
Membership Rewards Express = Blue, Zync and a few business credit cards

Only the first two levels (Membership Rewards First and Membership Rewards) are transferable and accepted by us.  We don't take Membership Rewards Express simply because it's not transferable.

Note 2:

Must like us at to enjoy the special price. Please don't hesitate to do so since you can unlike us any time if in case you're not 100% satisfied by our service.

Note 3:

If you own multiple AMEX Membership Rewards accounts, rewards from same name can be combined into one order.  Those from different names can't. Please make multiple orders (one order for each name).

Note 4:

Starting from 06/20/2014, we don't guarantee to take the exact amount you put in the order.