Price Match Policy would like to do price match if you have written quotes from competitors. To do price match, please send a message at Contact Us page.

Price match can only be done before a trade is completed. There is no price adjuestment for a completed trade. The reason is that price of rewards and miles is very seasonal. For the same reason, we don't do price match to historical price.

While we strive to honor price match requests most of the time, price match is not guanranteed for couple of reasons: 1) sometimes brokers may offer over market-price in particular situations. One example is when an account with 115k miles is short of 5k miles to book a tickets that needs 120k. 2) few brokers may do bait and switch trick by advertising very high price and adding a lot of hidden limitation on the price. 3) there might be other reasons. But we promise to do whatever we can to honor price match request.