Citi Thankyou Rewards (unit of 1000)

Citi Thankyou Rewards (unit of 1000)
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This product has a minimum quantity of 15

For better price ($13/k), please use service from sister website (Same owner as You must have Citi Prestige or Premier card to sell the points since they'll be transferred to airline miles. 

How to earn Thankyou Rewards

  1. Bonus rewards when opening Citi credit card account.  Visit sister website for list of best credit cards with fat bonus (30,000 - 100,000 bonus points/miles). There is an ACTIVE OFFER going on now!
  2. Rewards from using certain Credit cards.  The Credit cards include Citi Prestige, Citi Premier etc.
  3. Shop at Citi Bonus Cash Center to earn 2x-10x Points at over 400 online stores.  Visit


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Note 2:

If your Thankyou Rewards are from multiple accounts, please make multiple orders (one order for each account). Points can only be transferred ONCE. Do NOT transfer/combine points unless instructed by us.

Note 3:

We might take part of your points.